In SUMMARY we Believe, along with Dr. Krebs, Edgar Cayce, many alternative doctors and scientists…

that at least 95% of all cancer diagnosis are due to lack of vitamin B-17 in that person’s diet. B-17 is found in over 1200 foods, apricot seeds having nearly the highest content out of all foods. People that have a steady dietary intake of food with B-17, do not develop cancer in their lifetime. A person that is diagnosed with cancer must first and above all, begin eating foods with B-17 in them. In cases where the cancer has just begun, simple intake of a high content B17 food will stop and shrink the cancer within only days. A person with extensive organ damage must implement far more.

Dr. Krebs claimed that 15 seeds every other day would prevent. A person with cancer can take anywhere between 5 and 75. Twenty five per day being closest to the optimal amount. Enzymes play an important role in the destruction of cancer cells. Either enzyme rich foods such as pineapple or a strong digestive enzyme with chymotrypsin needs to be ingested. For the enhancement of an immune system working at optimal levels further dietary additions and subtraction are necessary, but this is a start, the rest you must learn. In short, a person can regenerate their liver with milk thistle, balance their pH with coral calcium, move their bowels with ultra lax, take herbs specific for organs that may be weak or damaged, cut out junk food,most all white sugar, processed food and do daily organic juicing with a juice machine. Although the preceeding method is the norm, I have seen lung cancer victims continue with two packs a day and their lung tumors still shrink down, with apricot seed being the only dietary change.

Go to our testimonial page to read what hundreds of others did to get better from this disease and do something similar.

Stacking, we believe, is the best way to attack an illness.  Stacking simply means, to stack multiple therapies or techniques together in a combined effort to eliminate or alleviate a sickness. 

1.  FDA requires intricate studies on a substance in order to make public claims that the substance has curative effects on a specific disease.   This type of testing can only be done by a company that can possibly earn the money back in the end by acquiring a patent at the end of a successful test.  The patent allows the maker to have sole rights on a the sale of that substance.  Patents can not be acquired on foods, therefore, the investor can not make back his 500,000,000. Only patentable chemicals are used in testing.  Hospitals are only allowed to use patentable chemicals or Health insurance companies and malpractice insurance will not cover them.   The original doctrine of the Father of medicine, Hypocrites, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.” is no  longer followed.  It is actually illegal to follow! 

2.  Apricot seeds are not only an analgesic pain reliever but helps stop increased growth of a tumor.  (Cancerous tumor cells eat neighboring cells as it grows and benign tumors normally just push aside neighboring cells) This may account for the burning pain cancer patients feel as cancer tumors burn through the body.

3. From eating the bitter seed a new balance occurs in the body bringing our taste buds back to normality.  The buds pick up sweet, salty, bitter, sour.  We are conditioned to a sweet and salty diet neglecting the cleansing and detoxifying bitter and sour foods.  Bitter apricot seeds help rebalance this.

4.  It is believed that one can recover from any stage of cancer; that there is no such occurrence of incurable cancer but rather there are incurable people. My condition was declared 100% terminal. (Click here for my story and cat scans showing tumor regression.) Dr. Shultz shows how he has helped back to life those with only weeks to live through complete herbal intake and vegetables and other super foods.


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