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Thank you for your purchase. You most likely have a lot of questions concerning products, applications and general diet plans. We are not doctors, scientist or professionals in the conventional way. Over the last 22 years, we have spoken to and followed the personal battles of thousands of people from all over the world, fighting all stages and forms of cancer. Throughout the years we’ve noticed that the persons experiencing the most success have certain things in common. Below, and at our website we mention some of these basic things, yet we urge you to do further research. There is a ton of information to be found online that explains to the every day person the nature of cancer and what causes it to either thrive or to die off. The more you understand, the more likely you will make the correct diet and lifestyle changes and adhere to them.

Diseases like sugar, white refined four and a deoxygenated environment. Cancer is known to be a fungus and therefore thrives in an acidic environment and can’t live in a non-acidic one. It lives on and proliferates when the immune system is weak from foods nutritionally empty and processed, no sunlight, dead water, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and of course, stress. Remember, we do not promise any cures; we simply supply some of the low cost products commonly used by those who have extended their lives months, years, to completely beating their disease. We offer the purest and strongest of each and every product that can possibly be found anywhere. Our apricot seeds are more bitter then any of the 10 companies we have purchased samples from; our MEGAZYME FORTE is the most complete and compact formulation for the money possible. (Dr. Kelly’s enzyme therapy is the world’s best but is expensive and consist of 60+ pills per day. Our DMSO is 99.99% pure, Pharmaceutical grade. Most all others are 99.98% pure and less, industrial grade. Our Milk Thistle is organic and tested against conventionally grown milk thistle resulting in a dramatic difference. Our Coral Calcium is priced lower then others as coral is nearly identical all around; and our B17 is the most potent, the purest and contains not one additive. Our last assay results were 99.8% pure amygdalin. Please research and formulate your own daily therapy.

Dr. Krebs suggested 7 seeds per day to keep cancer away and 15-30 for those with cancer. Our B-17 is to be used in addition to the seeds for the first couple of years (may be used indefinitely but along with some amount of bitter apricot seeds) and should never completely replace the seed. The Enzymes help digest the outer cell wall of the cancer cell in order for the immune system to destroy it and clean up the blood from material debris unwanted in the blood. The Coral Calcium replenishes the body with calcium, magnesium and many other trace minerals as it raises the pH of the blood and body fluid. The Milk thistle detoxifies and restores the liver. Our willow flower is a prostate, bladder and kidney aid.
Please read through the testimonials at the website .
Yours Truly,

Christian Brothers,

Ultra Lax

Did you know??? Digestion problems are a main cause for disease…

“Colon therapy releases toxins, cleanses the blood, stimulates the immune system, and aids in restoring the pH balance in the body,” says Connie Allred, President of the American Colon Therapy Association.    Colon therapy can help relieve a wide range of symptoms related to colon dysfunction, including;

  • GAS

Colon therapy also helps to reestablish regular bowel movements by restoring muscle tone and normal peristalsis.  According to Dr. Collins, as the squeezing action of peristalsis moves the blood and lymph in the region of the colon, the cells lining the colon excrete toxins and waste products into the both the colon and bloodstream for elimination.
Peristalsis also stimulates the liver to produce more bile.  Increased bile production aids the absorption of lipids (liquid fats) and fat-soluble vitamins, aids in the removal of immune complexes (substances formed when antibodies attach to antigens), and assist in the breakdown of cholesterol.  Increased bile production also induces proper blood clotting and helps prevent the production of gallstones.
Colon therapy is most effective when used in conjunction with special exercises and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, says Dr. Collins. He uses colon therapy as an adjunct treatment for a wide range of conditions, including hypertension, arthritis, depression, parasites, and lung problems.
In hypertension muscular movements initiated by colon therapy, it helps to control blood pressure by regulating the autonomic nervous system.  “Arthritis patients benefit because of the direct stimulation of the immune system”, states Collins.  This may help to remove immune complexes from the joints, a major factor in rheumatoid arthritis.
Colon therapy can also help rid the body of parasites without a need for the heavy drugs usually prescribed to treat them.  Dr. Collins reports of a patient who had a case of giardiasis (a form of parasites).She received colon therapy treatments and an Ayurvedic oral flush with salt water.  After several treatments which included pancreatic enzymes, she tested clear of the parasites.
It is well known that there are about 5-10 pounds of undigested material trapped in the intestines.  Reports have been made that after 3 months of taking Ultra Lax, pieces of fecal waste matter, almost wood-like have come out in the stool.  There is nothing resembling Ultra Lax on the market or in the stores.  Ultra Lax is simply a name given to this herbal combination that really works.  If backed up for weeks and weeks, Ultra Lax works.  It normally takes a day or two to get things moving, yet works in even the most extreme cases of constipation.
There are 100 capsules in each bottle.  The herbs contained within are wild-grown, void of any chemicals.  They are derived from their natural state, grounded, and put into capsules.  THEY ARE NOT TABLETS.  They are made by an herbalist doctor, and contain: cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloes, barberry root and slippery elm. This herbal combination is not only a fiber, it also causes the intestines to contract and expel as they are supposed to, as well as clean off the inner walls.
Dosage for optimal health:  There are different degrees of digestion problems and a different amount is necessary for each.  Stomach cramping may occur due to new movement.  In such case, slightly lower dosage until you can build your intake up.
Worst Degree:  Take between 3 and 9 capsules per day with an 8oz glass of water upon each intake.  Monitor yourself and decide your own dosage accordingly.  Ultra Lax always works.  In the worst case that I’ve ever seen it took three weeks yet this man would manually take out his stool, and had not had a normal bowel movement for over 30 years.  After three weeks of taking a few per day, he had his first normal bowel movement. (He most likely wasn’t taking it with water, nor was he taking enough, because if he had been, his system would have been corrected much sooner).
Moderate to low degree: Take 1-3 capsules per day with an 8oz glass of water upon each intake. Start with 1 the first day.
General Directions: 1 capsule 20 minutes before breakfast daily for the first few days with a full glass of spring water.  As your body permits, increase the dosage to between two and six capsules daily for three months.  Then continue with a maintenance dose of one – three capsules daily.   Some nausea may occur at first due to intestinal movement that is releasing packed fecal matter that remained stagnant over time.  As your intestines strengthen, your metabolism will increase and other health benefits will occur.  When your intestines are working properly, it allows an individual to absorb the nutrients from his/her food far more efficiently.  2-3 bowel movements per day are consistent with a healthy person.    Proper digestion has already been shown to cause longer life, flatter stomach, healthier skin, clearer thinking, weight loss, cleaner feeling, deeper sleep, consistent bowel movements, better organ function and more.
Ultra lax causes the intestinal muscles to contract and convulse as they are meant to.  If they have not been working right your whole life, you are basically working out a muscle that has been sitting atrophied.  In the same way you would maintain working out a particular muscle, such as the leg or arm muscle, you have to maintain your intestinal muscles with the right nutrients.  We suggest until you learn about a proper diet for the intestinal tract, use Ultra-lax through out your life to keep digestively fit.


The liver is the organ that cleanses the body of toxic substances; it is the second largest organ in the body. It produces bile, necessary for fat breakdown and detoxifies our blood. There are times when this function is obstructed due to sicknesses such as chronic hepatitis, or cancer, alcohol abuse, conventional medication, or years of exposure to toxic substances in the environment and processed foods.
The most effective way to take milk thistle is through infusion…tea!

Milk Thistle contains some of the most potent liver-protecting and regenerative substances known, such as Silymarin. It is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits harmful oxidants and prevents the formation of leukotrienes, just one type of dangerous oxidant produced by the immune system. Silymarin also has the ability to stimulate protein synthesis in the liver as it regenerates tissues.

Medical use of milk thistle can be traced back more than 2,000 years. Culpepper, the well-known eighteenth century herbalist, cited its use for opening obstructions in the liver and spleen and recommended it for use in various known liver malfunctions. Milk thistle has also been used to relieve congestion of the liver, spleen, and kidneys. This herb can also be used to increase the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder, making it effective for internal cleansing and gallbladder problems.

Milk Thistle acts as a protectant to the liver by regenerating weakened or destroyed liver tissue. Western medicine treats many liver conditions with bed rest and the abstention from alcohol. For many this is not enough. Milk Thistle offers a new hope for recovery.

Directions for tea: Grind 2-4 table spoons of organic milk thistle tea and simmer in a few cups of water for 7-20 minutes (distilled is best to use.)You may sprinkle the ground up milk thistle on salad or other foods.

$27.00 / pound Organic Milk Thistle


Alert! DMSO Freezes at about 62 degrees so just let it thaw out at room temp if you receive yours frozen and crystalized.

DMSO can be used for a multitude of things, from saving yourself from paralysis after a stroke by orally ingesting every 15 minutes to break up the clot, to sinus infections (nose dropper of DMSO). May apply to swollen/sprained ankles, shoulder pains, joint problems and much more.  The book “Nature’s Healer” has over 300 pages of the uses of DMSO. Hospitals and clinics inject DMSO along with apricot seed extract into the patient’s at about 3 ml of DMSO to 10 ml of apricot seed extract. You will find many uses for this all- purpose watery oil, keep a couple of bottles handy in the medicine cabinet at all times. On April 3rd 1963, the New York Times called DMSO the closest thing to a wonder drug until the FDA took if off the shelves. Mike Wallace had two 60 Minutes programs on DMSO. It is made most commonly from Lugnin, the material that nature uses to cement cells together in trees. By simply dabbing it onto the skin, it penetrates directly through to the blood stream where it reaches all parts of the body and can be tasted immediately. It is non-toxic. It is also used with other drugs or nutrients as a transporter to bring those drugs or nutrients deep into the body, permeating every cell. Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon testified at a hearing of Senator Edward Kennedy’s (Kennedy was also in charge of the hearing that ultimately banned Laetrile) with reference to over 1,200 scientific publications on the merits of DMSO, concluded that it is safe and effective. Even after three separate pharmaceutical firms have submitted four new drug applications to the FDA (all rejected) DMSO is still mysteriously not available to Americans, although available in other countries.

Healing Properties of DMSO

  • DMSO rapidly penetrates the cells and cleanses them of toxins.
  • DMSO will help the body stop a stroke as it is happening.  It should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.
  • DMSO is used to bring the benefits of the apricot seed deep into the body and the existing tumor or bad cells that need destroying.
  • Those with neck and spinal injuries receiving DMSO treatment directly after the injury may never be paralyzed and will definitely be far less paralyzed if at all.
  • Prompt use of DMSO after a heart attack prevents much damaging of the heart muscle.
  • DMSO will cut the healing time of any sprain by at least half.
  • It can be used on any type of cold sore. Dab on the lips just as it is surfacing, and it will dry up. Or dab on afterward if it has already surfaced.
  • Bursitis in the shoulder will clear up after 30 days of use. The former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons testified to the FDA on this matter, as they held closed ears to him back in 1980. Former Governor Tom McCall was struck with bursitis and after two dabbings on his shoulder the calcification that caused the problem was stopped.
  • Injected under the bark of a sick tree, the tree will become youthful again.

Is the old Megazyme Forte Enzymes with the addition of serrapeptase and more chymo-trypsin, two of the most important enzymes that work on digesting the cancer cell wall among other unwanted debri in the blood and plasma

Enzymes are the simple, yet vital, building blocks responsible for maintaining one’s overall health. Some exist naturally in our bodies as others should be obtained from foods high in nutritional value. They work along with the B-17 and apricot seeds by digesting the cancer cell walls, rendering the malignant cell defenseless.
Digestive enzyme’s powerfully active natural chemicals are protein-mineral complexes which occur in all living things. They make possible virtually all of the many biochemical reactions in the body. They are indispensable to life and to good health. Whenever there is a significant reduction in the presence or the availability of enzymes, sickness and degeneration begin. These keys to life can be roughly divided into three types: those derived from food, digestive enzymes, and metabolic enzymes.
Food enzymes are abundantly present in all uncooked vegetables, fruits and grains. They assist in the breakdown of the food in which they are present and also perform useful functions in the body. Food processing commonly employed today destroys nearly all of the enzymes normally present in foods. Whatever enzymes may remain after processing are usually diminished when cooked. Cooking by whatever means, except for very light steaming, will completely destroy all enzymes in food – even the foods that were originally high in nutritional value. Destroying these food enzymes places an extra burden on the second group, the digestive enzymes, which are responsible for the breakdown and assimilation of each type of food we consume. Specific digestive enzymes are designated according to food types; lipase for fats, amylase for carbohydrates or sugars, and protease for various proteins.
Metabolic enzymes make up the third and most abundant group of enzymes in the body, and these function within the cell to regulate such activity as detoxification, oxygen utilization and energy production, along with a multitude of life-sustaining and disease fighting functions.
There are over 3,000 enzyme systems at work in the body. Performing a vast number and range of functions, these indispensable substances hold the simple keys to life. They assist greatly in the rebuilding of all tissues in the body by breaking down ingested protein into its component amino acids which in turn, the body uses as building blocks for repair and rejuvenation. They attack waste materials in the blood and in the tissues, converting it into a form that can be readily eliminated, acting as natural blood purifiers.
The immune system depends heavily upon enzymes for all of its functions. To enumerate all of the actions of enzymes in detail would take several volumes and is elaborately unnecessary. It is sufficient to simply state that they are essential to the performance of every function of every organ system in our bodies.

Coral Calcium

In the deep blue cavities of Japan’s magnificent coral reefs, lies the secret to longer life. Generally, the Japanese live longer and healthier lives than many Americans. In Okinawa alone, where large quantities of ancient coral enrich water supply with calcium, oxygen and negative ions, in is common in this region for life spans in this region to exceed 90 years.

Coral has a neutralizing effect on the body, taking away the acid where disease can flourish

Coral is made up of two powerful bone-strengthening minerals, magnesium and calcium, as well as over 70 other minerals which emerge into drinking water with the usage of coral calcium.  Coral Calcium tea bags as well as the capsule form’s ability to fortify bones are unprecedented. In fact, Coral itself has been used successfully as a “lattice” in bone-grafting procedures. In such procedures, the Coral is surgically placed into the area in need of bone regeneration, where the porous coral acts as the skeleton ultimately for new bone growth. As the area heals, the newly developed bone is virtually indistinguishable from its original, due to the extraordinary properties of the coral framework.

When added to drinking water, Coral-Calcium tea bags act as an antioxidant by disarming active oxygen. This active oxygen destroys normal cells and is also shown to cause poor health.

As an alkaline-forming material, evidence shows that Coral Calcium has the ability to bring the body’s ph to ideal levels through its natural ability to neutralize acids which are then absorbed into the blood stream as well as bodily fluids. It has been demonstrated that low pH levels are directly related to poor health, where normal ph levels exemplify good health.  Additionally, excessive acidity can destroy body tissue, internal organs, and blood.

About Coral Calcium…
Coral is living rock. Humans and animals have their skeletons on the inside of their bodies. Coral is a skeleton that develops on the outside of the living organism. In comparison, Coral is to water as plants, trees and grass are to the air we breathe. As plants replenish the air with oxygen, Coral replenishes pH levels in water and giving it an electric charge. By the time water reaches our mouth and stomach it is pretty much dead of charge and also picks up other bad elements on the way. However, once Coral is placed in water the ionic charge immediately goes to about -60, chlorine is neutralized and the pH goes above 7.5. Water that we normally drink has a positive charge of about 100. A charge over 100 becomes damaging to our blood. The negative electric charge that water naturally carries dies by the time it gets to our faucets. Negatively charged water acts as an antioxidant, just as do live juice and vitamins from a FRESHLY juiced fruit. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables that remain sitting for more than a couple of hours begin to lose their charge.

Coral as an antioxidant is just one of the many things of coral’s abilities. Coral, made of calcium and magnesium is constructed in a manner shockingly remarkable to our bone. When the Coral is placed in water, the calcium, magnesium and dozens of other minerals microscopically release into the water. The Calcium tablets go straight into our bodies, as larger particles can not be absorbed into our systems to any substantially high degree. Due to the natural ionization of the coral water, these particles are super small and can get into parts of the body where most needed.
One of the key benefits of coral is that it alkalizes the blood, body, and bodily fluids from sick, everyday acidic state where ongoing illnesses live and breed. Sick blood is acidic as well is the saliva, stomach and bodily fluids. If blood and bodily fluids have a balanced pH, it has been observed that disease can not develop in such particular body. These are alike the findings of all live blood cell researchers.

Willow Flower

Grown in Germany, our Willow Flower Herb has proven to be more effective than even Saw Palmetto for the prostate.  Willow Flower Herb Works!  Does Willow Flower work on prostate cancer?  By law I can not say what it does with prostate cancer but I will say that it strengthens the prostate and when your prostate is strong and not festering with the toxins from the bowel and urinary area, guess what happens?  Is there an FDA study on Willow-Flower Herb?  There isn’t even an FDA study on water or any food.  Yet we know that foods cure disease and chemicals prolong disease and hurt other organs.

Since there are several species of Willow-herb and some people are uncertain which are the ones with the medicinal properties I will mention the ones that can be used:Pink Willow-herb (Epilobium parviflorum), Mountain Willow-herb (Epilobium montanum), Dark-green Willow-herb (Epilobium obscurum), Lance-leaved Willow-herb (Epilobium lanzeolatum), Hill Willow-herb (Epilobium collinum), Marsh Willow-herb (Eppilobium palustre, Gravel Willow-herb (Epilobium anagallidifolium). The Willow-herbs with the color is reddish, pale pink to almost white. The flowers stand on top of the long thin pod-like seed vessels. These later split, disclosing many silky whites hairs in which are embedded the tiny seeds.

Of the varieties mentioned, the whole herb is gathered, that is, stems with leaves and flowers, but care should be taken to pick the herb in the middle of the stem – it breaks easily – so that it can form new side shoots. The plant is cut in the fresh state. Even in the most severe cases only 2 cups of Willow-herb tea are drunk, 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 cup in the evening. But it does not mean that a visit to the doctor is not necessary. In any case, for every serious illness, a doctor should be consulted.

2 species of Willow-herb which can hardly be mistaken for the smaller species are the Great Hairy Willow- and the Rose Bay Willow-herb. These cannot be used. The first has large rose-purple flowers. It grows, much branched, in masses by ponds, in marshes and damp meadows and reaches a height of 150 cm. The stems and leaves are fleshy and slightly hairy. The Austrian botanist, Richard Willfort, who knew the Willow-herb as a medicinal plant well, does not mention it in his book. As he said, it could be easily mistaken for the Great Hairy Willow-herb, also know as Fireweed, Blood Vine, Blooming Sally, grows in copses, waste grounds recently cleared and edges of woods and reaches a height of 150 cm. The slightly reddish stems end in long showy spikes of rose-purple flowers. When these abundantly growing Rose Bay Willow-herbs flower, they turn areas into fire-red patches.

The curative effect is so great that, often suddenly, all complaints caused by prostate disorder disappear. There are many cases  where men were to have an operation, the urine came only in drops and 1 cup of this tea brought relief. Of course. The tea has to be drunk throughout a period to bring about complete recovery.

Directions: Pour 1 1/4 cups of water in a pot and heat. (distilled is always best for tea because distilled water is empty and more apt to absorb the nutrient from tea leaves.  Spring water is what most people use though) Put one decent sized teaspoon of the Willow-herb into the pot and simmer for a few minutes, stirring once or twice.  Pour into a mug and drink.  You may add honey, (raw honey, not the junk from the supermarket) but we believe that it is better if you take it plain.  At this point there should be a little left in the pot.  Let this soak till night time when you add another cup of water and another tea spoon of Willowed-Herb.  Use the same process, however you may discard these remains rather than soak overnight again.

Willow Flower Herb will make a difference in just a few days.  Return it if it doesn’t.  To this day we have still not had a return of this powerful herb.

White Mallow Kidney

it seems you used White Mallow Kidney (Marshmallow Plus) formula is used to help with a large number of kidney problems. It is a wonderful combination to flush out the kidney and help deal with all the toxins that modern society has surrounded us with.
The team players in WHITE MALLOW KIDNEY (Marshmallow Plus) are:

  • Parsley: A natural diuretic, helps in obstructions of the kidneys and rebuilds the urinary tissue.
  • Uva Ursi: Helps dissolve kidney stones, healing to the genitourinary organs, treats bladder infections.
  • Marshmallow: Healing to the ki9dneys, a very soothing herb, high in vitamin A.
  • Juniper: Strong diuretic, works as an antiseptic within the urinary tract, helps dissolve kidney stones and prostate sediment, blood cleanser.
  • Buchu: Effective in the treatment of cystitis and urethritis, absorbs excessive uric acid.
  • Cleavers: Valuable diuretic,, also taken for kidney stones.
    Corn Silk: Fight infection in the urethra, bladder, prostate and kidneys, soothes and relaxes, helpful for frequent urination, reduces kidney stone formation.
  • Dandelion: A detoxifying herb, stimulates the kidneys to remove toxins from the urine, induces flow of liver bile, reduces serum cholesterol.
  • Yarrow: Mild diuretic and urinary intiseptic, an astringent, reduces fevers, anti-bacterial, antiseptic.
  • Gravel Root: Increases the removal of waste by the kidneys, helps prevent the formation of kidney stones, helpful for all urinary tract problems, it works on the: KIDNEYS, LIVER, BLADDER & PROSTATE.
  • Hydrangea Root: Increases the flow of urine, will remove bladder stones and relieves the pain they cause, relieves pain, alleviates backache due to kidney distress.

Recommendation – Take 2 capsules morning and evening one hour after meals.
Toxicity – None noted – used as a food by the Romans.
The diuretic herbs of this formula are designed to help when there is pain in the kidney area or when the urinary system is working improperly. Buildsd and tones the kidney dn will slowly dissolve the stones in the kidneys. Helps a great deal with incontinence.
This is a wonderful herbal formula for maintenance are cure of the kidneys.


Breathe 100 capsules- an herbal combination for the lungs may be used with any lung disorder. Clears the lungs of mucus, helps the body rejuvenate guards tissue, relieves congestion in the, bronchoels, bronchus, trachea, and is a dilator. It heals and sooths raw irritated mucus membrains of respiratory tract. Ing: contains mullein: used in pectoral complaints and bleeding of the lungs and bowels, demulcent, emollient, and astingecnt properties., elecampome, bayberry, comfrey, horehound: Efficacy in lung troubles and coughs, knows as single best remedy against cough and wheezing, coltsfoot, lobelia: Expectorant in bronchitis, diaphoretic, and anti-asthmatic., yerba santa : for bronchial and laryngeal troubles and in chronic pulmonary affections, asthma, and hayfever, lungwort: Subdues inflammation and used its healing effect in pulmonary complains cayenne.

Joint Heal

Arthritis is NOT a normal part of aging…

-Joint Heal helps the body to regenerate cartilage rather than simply soothing the pain. Pain naturally decreases as the cartilage stops deteriorating.

-Bone Density increases as cartilage regenerates.

-Although arthritis is not a normal result of aging, there are over 50 million Americans suffering from some form of arthritis or joint problem. Research has demonstrated that when the necessary nutrients are supplied, the body has been shown to repair and maintain healthy joint and tissue function. This unique formula contains the four most important building blocks for joints and connective tissue: MSM, Glucosamine Sulfate, Vitamin C and Biocell Collagen II (chicken sternal collagen). This naturally derived product is proving to be extremely effective in treatment of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, Joint Support also contains Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate as well as patented Chelazome minerals such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum, all crucial ingredients for healthy cartilage and bone. Use for 4 weeks at a time with a 1 or 2 week break until desired results are achieved.
Use together with DMSO topically, and Coral Calcium in your water for best results.
Supplement Information

Serving Size: 4 tablets (see suggested use below). Servings per container: 30
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two(2) tablets twice daily with meals, or as directed by healthcare professional. This product contains no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, sugar, salt, wheat, soy yeast, milk, rice corn preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Ingredient Potency per 4 tablets Recommended Daily Value

Ingredient Potency per 4 tablets Recommended Daily Value
Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate) 200 mg 334%
Magnesium (buffered magnesium glycinate chelate) 200 mg 50%
Zinc (bis-glycinate chelate) 5 mg 33%
Copper (copperbis-glycinate chelate) 1,000 mcg 50%
Manganese (manganese bis-gly) 10 mg
Molybdenum (molybdenum bis0glycinate chelate) 220 mcg
Sodium (glucosamine sulfate) 12 mcg
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 1,500 mcg
Silica (silicon dioxide) 10 mg
Chicken Collagen Type II 500 mg
Hyaluronic Acid (from chicken sterna cartilage) 50 mg
Condrotic Sulphate (from chicken sterna cartilage) C 100mg
Boron (boron glycinate complex) 1.5 mg
Other Ingredients: Cellulose, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, magnesium stearate.

1 bottle – 120 tablets/ $39.00

Heart Plus

HEART PLUS (Hawthorn Berry) formula is a group of herbs designed to nourish, strengthen and build the heart.

The team players in HEART PLUS (Hawthorn Berry) are:

  • Hawthorn: Relaxes and dilates the arteries, prevents/reduces degeneration of the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, natural food for the heart.
  • Motherwort: Mild sedative, heart tonic, high in calcium chloride
    Lily of the valley: Strengthens the heart, used in cardiac debility, valvular heart problems, lowers blood pressure, supports heart rate rhythm.
  • Bugleweed: Calm a racing heart, mild sedative, calm anxiety, calms heart and nerves, strengthens the heartbeat, regulates arrhythmia of the heart.
  • Canaigre: Combats stress and fatigue, beneficial to the whole body.

Recommendation- Take 2 capsules twice a day, or if needed, two capsules three times a day.
Toxicity- Hawthorn does not appear to be cardio-toxic and has no cumulative effect. Hawthorn should be taken with or immediately after a meal to avoid nausea.
Summary- Studies have shown that Hawthorn is excellen6t for both the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease when used on a regular basis. With heart disease the number one killer, it seems foolish n ot to take this wonderful herb as a preventative healing regular program.


(Crataegus Oxycantha) aka- English Hawthorn, Mayflower, May Bush, Mayblossom.

Bodily Influence- Anti-spasmodic, Astringent, Cardiac, Digestant, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Hypertensive, Hypotensive, Sedative, Cardio-Tonic, Tonic
Primary Uses of Hawthorn:

  • Ademia
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Arrhythmias
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Symptoms
  • Edema
  • Enlarged Heart
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Heartbeat (irregular)
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Palpatations

History and Folk Use
Hawthorn is native to the Mediterranean region including Northern Africa and all of Europe and Central Asia. The tree was known to the ancient Greeks and mentioned by Dioscorides in his writings. Fold medicine holds Hawthorne Berries in high esteem for its effectiveness in treating both high and low blood pressure, rapid pulse and arrhythmic heartbeat.

Modern Day Hawthorn Berry
Today evidence suggests Hawthorn is effective in facilitating mitral regurgitation, easing cardiac pain, regulating rapid or feeble heartbeat, helping with difficulty in breathing owing to ineffective heart action, lack of oxygen in the blood, helping heart strain due to over exertion and useful in cholesterol reduction.

PH#: 800-379-5668

Product List

18.95______ Apricot Seeds/Kernels One pound of bitter apricot seeds, also called kernels or

stones. Approximately 600.

74.00______ ***B17 Capsules. One Hundred 500mg capsules. This B17 is purer then the

tablets at 99.1% and has no binders or fillers.

$69.00______ ***B17 Powder One Hundred Scoops of Pure Vitamin B17, Amygdalin with no

binders or fillers. Comes with scooper. 50grams total. Equivalent to Capsule or Tablet


$40.00______ ***B17 100mg One Hundred and eighty 100mg prevention capsules of Vitamin

B17. Purest and best price. Always over 98% B17 with the other 2% being moisture

$15.95______ DMSO NATURES HEALER. By Dr. Morton Walker, how to use DMSO to

relieve pain, increase circulation, Repair Tissue Damage and Fight

Degenerative Diseases.

$15.95______ World Without Cancer (368 page book by Edward Griffin). The truth about the

apricot seed and the politics holding this back in a 350+ page paper back.

$78.45______ SUPERZYME 200 tablets per bottle. (Pancreatin 1850mg, Papain 150mg, Bromelain

150mg, Trypsin 960mg, Lipase 50mg, Amylase 50mg, a-Chymotypsin 60mg Natto-Knse

20mg, Rutin 100mg, Raw Calf Thymus, 55mg, Zinc gluconate 10mg, Super oxide

dismutase 10mcg, Catalase 7mg, L-Gluthathione 10mg.) N-Acetyl-Cysteine 10mg 2

or 3 x per day.



DMSO 2 oz. 99.99 % Pure DMSO. Please read the info sheet or buy the Book on

this amazing product.



DMSO 8 oz. 99.99 % Pure DMSO. Please read the info sheet or buy the Book on this

amazing product.

$27.00______ Milk Thistle 1Lb. Organic milk thistle seed. Used as a tea for liver cleansing.


Willow Flower Herb ¼ lb. Prostate. Stops frequent urination in two-three weeks

by helping the body un-swell the prostate. Strengthens the prostate and helps clear

urinary problems. 1/2 pound is $70.00.



Coral Calcium Sachets. 30 tea bags, one month supply. Three month supply for




Memory Mental clarifying, brain strengthening herbal formula which help fight

brain disease onset, fogginess, increasing mental speed by promoting healthy

circulation of the brain.

$39.00______ Flex Well Maximum Joint Support with Hyaluronic Acid 120 tablets.

***Our New Vitamin B17 is 99.1% pure as compared to the Novidalin B17 which is 98% or less. Our new B17 comes without any binders or fillers. Binders which are corn starch and cellulose as found in tablets. Lower price is possible due to no processing into tablets. We also have made available the pure powder to be used with a scooper. One heaping scoop is 500mg. For those who want to mix with food, those who have trouble swallowing pills and for those who want to make there own dosages different from 500mg.