Here is some of the legal situation including Wall Street Journal Articles, New Clips and transcripts from the trial. The most important statement made by the FDA agent was when FDA agent Mr. Leung admitted that from over 25,000 customers, the FDA never received a complaint. Click here for the transcripts with that info Upon the internet’s introduction years ago, I learned how to bulk mail. With a simple program and a single computer, I was capable of emailing about 400,000 emails per hour in the evening. The emails stated,” the answer to cancer is known”. The FTC notified the FDA and that’s where the trouble began.

Before I found out about the apricot seeds, I was featured in a book along with 9 other athletes who beat cancer called ‘Edge Against Cancer’ by Robert Brody. The book came out when I was 26 years old and just finished college. That same year the cancer returned in my kidney. The book does not included the second, more important part of the story, when I found out about the apricots seeds and received no chemo or radiation. Below are the thirty or so pages from the book featuring part one of my battle with cancer.

Click here for the book part one

The original warning letter.