Coral Bone Powder

This product is guaranteed to help the body increase bone density immediately. Please allow at least one month between bone density tests.

In short, coral powder is pure food for the bone. Bone grafting procedures use coral as food for the bone. The doctors operate and place small bits of coral in the spot near the bone where they want new bone to grow. Within days the already formed bone begins growing towards the coral that was surgically placed.

The Coral Bone Powder is similar to the Coral Sand however, the coral powder has been crushed in order for the body to more readily assimilate it into the system. The coral powder has shown to not only stop bone density loss but to increase the bone density with in a short period of time. General coral information can be found by clicking here.

Within less than a month of ingesting approx 9gms per day coral bone powder, bone density loss increased in 92% of patients with diagnosed bone density loss. (Gunilla, 2001)

Medications claim to slow down bone loss at the expense of organ health. Coral Bone Powder helps the bodily functions and DOES NOT HINDER as medications do. Coral Bone powder is taken for many other ailments besides bone loss such as acid reflux.

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