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My Story

August 2018 Nodule seen in lung that is most likely from the kidney cancer that was removed through a radical nephrectomy December 8, 2013. I had unwittingly stopped eating the seeds when my top teeth were removed for a prodedure last year.

The Seeds

A while ago, a man from my church, Bill DePap, gave me a video tape called “World Without Cancer”, by G. Edward Griffin. It told the truth of a vitamin that contains cyanide and that it’s found in seeds, certain grains, grasses and minutely in beans and meats.


If I sell orange juice for cancer, I am now selling a drug as defined under 21 U.S.C. 352. The law has been formed over years and years of court cases, each one adding to the lock that doctors have over treating disease. There is a list of “diseases” that only doctors are allowed to treat.

After 20 years with a kidney tumor shrinking and growing back and forth from 3.5cm down to 1cm and recently up to 10 cm, on Dec 2 2013, my right kidney was removed and the tumor diagnosed. it WAS cancer all along over the last 20 years. Grade 3b on the Fuhrman scale which is the most aggressive type as I understand. I refused to have the kidney removed to show the world that the apricot seed theory is true. Now that I see it was cancer for sure, I see I played a dangerous game. The seeds are claimed to prevent cancer not cure cancer every time after it has already developed. I am thankful that no cancer cells metastisized over those years. Start eating your apricot seeds now, or other foods containing the essential vitamin B17 (amygdalin).

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News Paper Article from March 2015 on Jason, nothing to do with the apricot seeds.

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The Answer to Cancer is known!. Edgar Cayce claimed over 40 years ago that just 2 bitter almonds a day and one would never see cancer in their lifetime. Dr. Krebs, the father of the cell and whose theories are in every Biology text book in the world, his grandson who further pioneered his work stated that 15 apricot seeds every other day would prevent cancer in one’s lifetime and compared cancer to scurvy, rickets beri beri and ever other chronic metabolic disease which has been cured by what are now in our RDA. Vitamin C for scurvy, B3 for pellagra, B1 for beri beri, B12 for pernicious anemia, D for rickets and so on and so on. There has never been a disease cured by medicine ever and there never can be according to these wise Doctor Scientists.Dr. Linus Pauling the two-time Nobel Prize winner states that: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency Each one of the above diseases killed many, millions in some cases and took decades upon decades before it just became common knowledge as to the cures. In no case did Big Pharma make an announcement as to these cures until, like I said, it just became common knowledge. Bitter almonds are no longer available in the U.S. Apricot seeds contain the same vitamin nutrient sometimes called vitamin B17, nitrilosides or amydgalin. At one time Laetrile was the commercial name for these nitrilosides. Why isn’t this info on the front page of every newspaper? That’s what I first asked when I first saw the video ‘World Without Cancer’.(Scroll down to view this video in it’s entirety) It has to just become common knowledge exactly the same as it was for those other diseases and will then be in our RDA and will put our economy in shock unless it happens gradually. Once cancer has developed, taking some seeds is only part of the persons recovery. Taking the seeds now as prevention, these wise men claim will keep the disease away from you. I’ve been here for over 20 years and have had one story only of a person that still came up with a skin cancer after taking a daily supply of seeds. In her case they were apple seeds and she would swoosh them down with water. You must chew the seeds or they do not digest. Yes, apple seeds have the same make up as the apricot and almond seed. However, all bitter almond trees have been hewn down and have been made illegal to grow in the US over 50 years ago. You must use the bitter apricot seed, not the sweet one, dried ones or even the organic unless the organic are completely bitter, which we have found not to be the case with organic apricot seeds. By the way, I was terminal with cancer at one point and through conventional and alternative medicine I’m still here. I did not know about the seeds 27 years ago when first diagnosed with cancer. Click here for some of my story

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With Knowledge there is long life. Learn and live.

When you are told that you have liver cancer and that there is a 95% death rate within 3 years, that means that if you use conventionally tested chemo, radiation and surgery you will have a 5% chance to live a few years. You are promised certain death. It does not mean that if you do not follow their advice that you have a higher then 95% chance of death. The opposite is true! If you assume that the people that leave conventional methods die even quicker, you are dead wrong. It has been reported that a person doing nothing at all lives up to 4x longer then the person opting for chemotherapy and radiation Click here for one of those reports. The stats of those that boldly took the bull by the horns and juiced, used herbal helps, apricot seeds, raised their pH, exercised, prayed, used enzymes, teas and mushrooms are not recorded in the medical journals. The testimonial link at this website holds the stories of hundreds of cancer victims over the last 20 years that we have met and how they beat cancer, are still beating their cancer, or are living longer then told, including my story.

Giving a person poison immediately after being diagnosed with severe cancer can only end up leaving him or her in a worse state then before, regardless if a couple of tumors shrink. The rest of the body will be more susceptible to cancer metastasis and both the immune and circulatory system system will be damaged.

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